Experience The Magic Of

Eco-Friendly Floss Picks

It's time To Cancel Plastic

Experience The Magic Of

Eco-Friendly Floss Picks

It's Time To Cancel Plastic

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We Are SmartLifeco

Our purpose is to provide sustainable and effective dental care products that reduce our impact on the environment and promote good dental hygiene. 


We believe that every small action can make a big difference, and we are dedicated in making a positive impact on the planet. We are committed to transparency, ethical practices, and work tirelessly to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and meet the needs and expectations of our customers.  

Upgrade Your Dental Care Routine

Toothpick End

Removes stubborn food stuck between teeth

Anti-Shred Thread

Peace of mind knowing these threads won't break

ErgoGrip™️ Handle

Patented design made to fit perfectly in your hand while flossing. Get your back teeth with ease

100% Biodegradable

Plant-based floss picks that are great for the earth & your teeth

Tested & Approved By Dentists

We've partnered with over 30 dental clinics across North America to test our products! Ensuring you get a safe floss, every time.

Smile, You're Saving The Planet

Millions of floss picks are disposed of every year, and majority of them are plastic! Single-use plastic is the biggest harm to our environment, switch to plant-based and give the Earth something to smile about.

1 Order = 1 Tree Planted

We’re honored to be contributing to reforestation across 43 states. With plans to restore over 100,000 acres of land across the Pacific Northwest, we need your help to amp-leaf-y our forests. Your purchase makes a difference.

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Comes in compostable & re-sealable bags

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See why millions trust us

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