A little effort makes a huge difference

Our Story

Our sole mission is to help reduce your carbon footprint. Plain and simple.

No greenwashing, no lies, just offering legit zero-waste products.

What Makes Us Different ?

Dental Hygiene Is Serious

That's why we got dentists to test our products!

Reducing Waste

Toothbrushes & floss picks are one of the most disposed of items! That's why it's crucial to have a biodegradable option.

A Whiter Smile :)

Our toothbrushes effectively fight plaque and tooth stains to make sure you have that "Hollywood Smile" always.

A Love Tree-Angle

Ensuring we "leaf" the earth in good condition, by planting 1 tree for every order.

- National Geographic

"About eight million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year"

It's Time We Cancel Plastic

Over 70% of dental products are made from plastic and thrown out within 3 months. Majority of these poructs end up in either a landfill or worse..the ocean.

Every step you take towards eco-friendly living is a step in the right direction. Every order placed with SmartLifEco contributes to the fight against plastic.

Oral Care, That Cares.

We can make a difference