SmartLifEco's Bamboo Toothbrush Holder Hacks!

SmartLifEco's Bamboo Toothbrush Holder Hacks! - SmartLifeco
"What Else Fits In The Bamboo Toothbrush Holders"

You asked, we listened! With the release of our bamboo toothbrush holders, lots of people have been asking this question.

Well, we're here to help! The bamboo toothbrush holders fits a lot more bathroom items than you think, making it one of the most diverse sustainable bamboo holders on the market!

To help out we decided to share some life-hacks on other ways to use your bamboo toothbrush holder! Whether it be in the bathroom, kitchen, or your desk this bamboo holder is sure to add a sleek natural design!

Here's a list of a few other items that fit in your bamboo holder:

  • Makeup Brushes
  • Q-Tips (Cotton Swabs)
  • Electric Toothbrush Heads (Oral-b)
  • Disposable or Small Based Razors 
  • Toothpicks
  • Dental Floss Picks 
  • Pen or Pencils

Won't It Tip Over?

Your bamboo toothbrush holder includes the best anti-tip technology to avoid having your items tipping over. The bottom of the bamboo holders are heavier to avoid unnecessary tips and to have the ability to carry heavier household items.

Did you know.....Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, it contains an anti-bacterial agent called Bamboo Kun. This prevents, reduces, and kills bacteria and germs that attempt to grow. It's so strong that they're eradicated on contact

This makes it the perfect material for your dental care products!

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